What I Believe

Bill Reicherter – a proud father, small business owner and Parkland resident for nearly 20 years – is running for Parkland District 1 Commissioner to help make our community an even better place to call home.

As a concerned citizen, parent and CEO of three businesses; Bill understands the needs of Parkland community members from multiple points of view. Relying on years of local business leadership experience, including overseeing the new Hard Rock Stadium and solar panel signs for FPL floating in the Everglades, Bill has the experience and capabilities to make his campaign priorities become a reality.

Bill is asking for your vote so that he can help support our entire community by:

  • Making Parkland Schools Safer
    Students and teachers deserve a safe learning environment, and Bill will take all necessary actions to make that possible. Additionally, Bill wants to ensure that as schools reopen after COVID-19 shutdowns, both students and teachers are safe.
  • Smart Planning Building Sound Infrastructure
    As a local construction industry leader, Bill knows the importance of planning and developing smart city infrastructure projects better than anyone else. He understands our community’s needs for smart infrastructure projects, as well as how to negotiate and manage contracts to make sure infrastructure projects are completed on time and on budget.
  • Supporting Parkland Small Businesses
    Small businesses are the backbone and lifeblood of Parkland. As the CEO of three local companies, nobody knows this better than Bill. With many small businesses having been financially impacted by COVID-19 restrictions and shutdowns, Main Street needs a government advocate now more than ever before. Having started working for his father’s own small business at the young age of 10, Bill has a unique ability to understand business owners’ needs. He’s got the experience, leadership, and business acumen to stage the biggest Parkland small business recovery we’ve ever seen.
  • Uniting Parkland and Making Our Community Stronger
    Bill has lived in Parkland for nearly 20 years, during which time he’s been a concerned voter, proud parent, and small business owner. He wants to unite our city to make Parkland an even better place to call home.

A Family Man First
To Bill, Parkland families always come first. And he’s proven this by his own personal choices and sacrifices.

At the young of 20, Bill was a college football player and was being scouted by the NFL. However, that same year his father’s cancer worsened. Bill had to make a choice: Football or family. The choice was easy for Bill to make, as family has always come first to him.

Today as a father himself, Bill is running for District 1 Commissioner to make Parkland’s community & families stronger. He knows that families are what make our community work, and he wants Parkland to be the best community for your family to live and thrive.

Learn More About Bill
As you explore this website and learn more about Bill’s priorities, we welcome questions and feedback from you. Bill needs the input of voters like yourself to help make our community even better. To reach out to the campaign to ask a question, leave feedback, or volunteer to get out the vote, email Bill4Parkland@gmail.com. And if you’d like to help spread Bill’s message, please consider making a contribution to Bill’s campaign for Parkland District 1 Commissioner.


Our Priorities

Together we the people achieve more than any single
person could ever do alone.



Including Covid 19 safety protocols to implementing vital safety measures for kids & teachers in schools.



Making sure the city grows with smart planning and infrastructure that supports ALL residents and their families needs. Bill has worked in construction and smart development for decades and has a proven record of taking action that benefits all parties needs.



As a fellow business owner, Bill is committed to supporting local Parkland owner’s needs for rebuilding and growth.


Unity and
Support for ALL

As a Parkland resident for nearly 2 decades, Bill understands and truly cares about the need to balance smart city infrastructure in conjunction with the uniqueness of the Parkland


Our Awards

2003 Poet of the year award, Poetry.com
2004 Author of the Channel Letter Handbook. International Top Selling Industry specific Book
2005-2007 BR Signs Awarded Top Sign Company Retail Construction Magazine
2007 Full feature article in Entrepreneur Magizine
2007 2x Covers of International Franchise Association
2007 Founding Board Member of Junior Achievement Broward County
2012 Board member of YMCA Parkland
2013 YMCA volunteer of the year
2013-present Construction Expert Witness
2013 Wrote Training Manuals for Fast Signs Internationals
2013-2014 Chair of Parkland YMCA Board
2013-2014 Board Member of YMCA Broward County Association
2013-2015 Industry Paid Speaker
2013-2015 score Broward County Volunteer
2013-2020 BR Signs Best Sign Company Pompano Beach
2015 featured article by Andi Crawford on building a successful company and culture
2017 Featured Article in Miami Voyage magazine
2017-2019 Rated 1 Sign Company in the country Prime Buyers Report
2018 Prime Buyers Report Interviews Bill Reicherter on how consumers can make educated decisions on interviewing Sign Companies
2019-present Jack and Jill Children’s Center Volunteer


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